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Peoples Inauguration

Duluth, Minn This evening a group in Duluth got in the spirit by inaugurating themselves. "I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of...member of the beloved community, among equals… continue reading ›

Remembering Melvin Stelton

West Duluth, Minn A West Duluth man was remembered tonight after he was tragically struck by two cars ultimately ending his life exactly one year to the day. Tonight was quite special… continue reading ›

Duluth Catholic Schools Unify

Four Catholic schools are coming together to form One big school, in a project “Called to be One.” St. Michael’s, St. John’s, Holy Rosary and St, James schools are joining together to make the… continue reading ›

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Duluth Crews Clean City

DULUTH, Minn. - Duluth cleaning crews are clearing the streets so people can have easier access to Duluth’s downtown. The crews shovel snow and chip ice to clear intersections so that people can… continue reading ›

Ski Trails and Ice Rinks Close

DULUTH, Minn.-Due to the warm temperatures and rain, ski trails and ice rinks are closed in Superior, and officials in Duluth are urging caution when use there's. City officials have said that any activities during these events could significantly damage… continue reading ›