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Housing Access

Duluth City Council Approves Resolution for HAC Funding

In a unanimous vote of approval Tuesday, the Duluth City Council passed a resolution to allocate $40,000 to help re-launch the Housing Access Center.

Funding Helps Enhance Cloquet's Core

Cloquet has been awarded nearly $1 million through the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) to help fund major improvement projects in the area.

Great Lakes Freighter Reaches End of Journey

A powerful Great Lakes Freighter has ended it's career in Ontario's Welland Canal earlier this month in a scrapyard.

Brule River a Destination for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Brule River a Destination for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Outdoor enthusiasts flocked to Brule this Memorial Day weekend to enjoy the great outdoors.

Focus on Health

Study: Eye Training Doesn't Help Dyslexia in Kids

Eye training or other vision therapies will not treat dyslexia in children.

Non-Profit Focuses on Climate-Friendly Eating

National Non-Profit Educates Consumers

From farm to table your food can make quite the journey before making it on to your plate. It may pose the question as to what’s in the food we eat?

Mesabi Nugget Idled

Production Idled at Mesabi Nugget, Over 200 Left Without Jobs

Steel dynamics idled production at its two Minnesota locations earlier this year, but until now, kept all 220 employees. The company says Tuesday's cuts are in response to a sluggish iron–ore market.

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