Babbitt Man Walks in 5k After Spending 7 Years in Wheelchair

Brian Naykki Lost 155 Pounds Before Entering 5K

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Brian Naykki lost the lower portion of his right leg to MRSA in 2008.

Friday night he participated in the William A. Irvin 5K.

Naykki has fought health problems throughout his life, including Type-2 Diabetes and a weight battle.

Before he began his weight loss journey in 2013, Naykki weighed 450 pounds.

He is now weighing in at 295 pounds and wants to lose another 70 to reach his goal of 225.

Naykki reached his goal of finishing the 5K in a little over an hour Friday Night. 

He said that while he doesn’t think he’ll ever do a full mile, he would like to continue participating in 5K to raise awareness for charitable causes.