Superior School Bond Referendum

The district hopes voters pass the 92.5 million dollar bond referendum April 5th.

The Superior Schol District is seeking 92.5 million dollars in a bond referendum. The district says the money is needed to repair buildings that are falling apart, create a new Cooper Elementary building and bring more security to the district’s schools.

Right now members of Superior High School’s orchestra practices in the hallway, so passing a referendum would be music to the ears of the district.

“The plan that’s out there solves all of these problems and puts the district in a financial situation that they can continue to maintain the other buildings while maintaining the new ones,” said one member of the district’s committee.

But others don’t hear the same tune.

“But you want to expand. It makes no sense to me. You can’t support it. Fifty one percent of Superior is living in poverty,” said one taxpayer in the audience.

They say now is the time to approve the referendum before construction costs get higher.

“We have been looking at our fiscal responsibility, taking good care and not letting our buildings deteriorate to the point where OSHA would have to come in. We’ve been responsible in that manner,” said Superintendent Janna Stevens.

But in an economy where several retailers have left, many wonder who can afford this?

“Where are the high paying jobs? All you’re bringing in is are these service orientated jobs…minimum wage. Don’t put this burden on people making that kind of money,” said the same taxpayer in the audience.

The 92.5 million would go towards building a brand new Cooper building and increase security at the other schools in the district, and improve the quality of each building.

“We want to make sure we meet the community’s needs,” said Stevens.

Voters on Tuesday, April 5th will decide which note the schools will hear.