Deer Archery Season Opened and Hunters are Ready

Hunters are Getting Their Bows Tuned, Ready to Hunt

Jack Wieben Has been hunting, with both bows and rifles, ever since he can remember.

“I kinda like bows better, more of a challenge, and you can go later season too,” said Wieben.

Wieben grew up in Grand Marais, and hunting has always been a tradition in his family.

“my sister and my mom hunt too,” said Wieben.

Weiben is among many people who are excited for the season, and making preparations, which brings high traffic to the hunting shops

“People are bringing their bows out of moth balls and finding out that they need something fixed, so it’s been quite busy,” said Frank Ostrander, the Archery Manager at Charlstrom’s Bait and Tackle.

For Wieben, the appeal of bow hunting, is the unique challenge the hunt comes with

“You gotta stay quiet and no movement, you don’t know what the deer are going to do, or where they’re going to go,” explained Wieben.

Experts recommend that hunters practice their archery skills, in order to make ethical kills.

“For all the people out there who haven’t done a lot of practice it’s not too late. If you haven’t shot at a deer yet and had a bad shot, it’s a great time to tune up and slide in and make sure you’re making a nice clean shot,” said Ostrander.

The season is starting slow, according to hunters, but they’re waiting for temperatures and leaves, to drop, so that hopefully, the fall season is a successful one for all.

“It’s pretty warm out and pretty green a lot of leaves, tough to see the deer, that will all change soon,” said Ostrander.