Islamic Center of the Twin Ports Keeps Open Arms for the Community

Members of the Islamic Community in the Northland Reflect on Recent Events

Emotions still run strong after the recent stabbing attack at the St. Cloud Crossroads Mall on Saturday, September 17.

The possible act of terrorism is shining a spotlight on the Muslim community once again, one which casts shadows for some members of our Northland community.

Ibrahim Al-Qudah with the Islamic Center of the Twin Ports says a community of nearly 200 Muslims strong  live in the Twin Ports, raising their families, worshiping, and interacting with friends and neighbors.

“We work really hard to, as a community here specifically, locally, to make sure that this, those individuals whoever they might be do not represent us as Muslims, and do not represent us as Americans,” Al-Qudah said.

Once a month, a pot-luck takes place at the place of worship for the Twin Ports Islam Community, located in the Woodland neighborhood.

Everyone is welcome to attend, and interact with one another while learning different things about numerous cultures.

Al-Qudah says the recent attack on American turf, often soil the view and reputation of his community and faith.

“We’re grateful actually to everyone else who reaches out to the Muslim community in the Twin Ports and build relationships to make sure that we’re all one. We are all in this together and we will get through this and we will always stay one,” Al-Qudah said.

The Islamic Center of the Twin Ports serves Northeastern Minnesota, Northwestern Minnesota, and the U-P of Michigan.