Art for Ed’s Sake Raises Money for Duluth Schools

The fundraiser raises additional funds for art programs throughout the Duluth school district.

The third annual Art for Ed’s Sake raised additional funds for arts programs in the Duluth Public Schools.

The event not only brings awareness of art programs throughout the district, but also provides the money needed to add special projects.

Art lovers enjoyed a silent auction and learned the growing importance of visual literacy.

“It helps get the community involved in our schools and in our arts program. It shows what we’re doing in our classrooms a bit more,” said Laura MacArthur art teacher Gabrielle Gerster.

The theme for the evening was “come as you are” at the Zeitgeist Arts Cafe.

One attendee even dressed up as Frieda Kahlo.

Two years ago the event raised enough funds to provide every school in the district with extra clay.