Bentleyville Preparations Begin

Bentleyville is gearing up for its biggest season yet.

It’s barely fall, but one of Duluth’s biggest Christmas traditions is gearing up for a big holiday season.

The huge free-walking Christmas light display has now grown to its largest size yet.

The Christmas light attraction has added 600 feet of walkway, a second entrance to its castle, and 50,000 more lights to its gigantic tree.

“It’s gotten big!  That’s really so much because the people latch on to something, especially when it’s free,” said founder Nathan Bentley.

The Bentleyville candy bar fundraising campaign has also just begun. Chocolate bars sold at sixty Holiday stores around northern Minnesota and Wisconsin will have the chance for prizes including ten golden tickets.

“We pay for all our hot chocolate, our cookies, our marshmallows, our popcorn, our oil.  We pay for all of that.  So through our fundraising, it goes to all our operating costs,” said Bentley.

Every weekend in October, Bentleyville is inviting volunteers to come to Bayfront Park and help with all aspects of the setup.

They’re offering a free lunch and refreshments to anyone who participates.