Beauty School Students Rush to Find Options

Regency Suddenly Closed Its Doors at All Locations

Regency’s displaced students are rushing to Cosmetology schools like Cosmetology Careers Unlimited-Duluth, and the program at WITC Superior.

Cosmetology school semesters are based off of training hours, so each student’s transfer situation will be different, but schools say they will be able to work with students to get them the education and hours that they need.

“Some are only 400 hours in to the program, some are only about 7, 8 weeks from graduation so they’re all in different stages of their curriculum and financial situation, so it’s really going to be a case by case basis,” said Richard Shaffer, President and Owner of CCU.

WITC-Superior’s rapid response team is holding an informational meeting for the displaced students on Monday October 10th where Regency students can learn about WITC’s Pivot Point Cosmetology program and learn about what Financial Aid options are available.

“Our program recently transitioned from 1800 hours, into a 1550 hour program, which aligns with Minnesota’s Requirement to graduate from a cosmetology school,” said Jean Engebretson, a Cosmetology Instructor at WITC.

Instructors, counselors and staff will be at the meeting to answer individual questions

“We definitely plan on assessing each individual student, and finding a place for them whether it be with us or what best option they have,” said Kristin Visel, the Dean of Students at WITC.

All Displaced Regency students who attend the meeting will get a voucher to cover their application fee.