Grand World Coffee Brews Up a Deal for National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day is Recognized Every Year on September 29

If you’re still not wide awake on this Thursday, don’t feel guilty about drinking an extra cup of coffee.

Every year on the 29th day of September, we take time to brew up a fresh pot of Joe, and celebrate National Coffee Day.

Locally here in Duluth, some shops were serving up hot deals including Grand World Coffee over in West Duluth.

The new business on Grand Avenue is going on ten months of coffee creating.

Owner Linda Towne says business is growing each and every week.

Customers can get 20 percent off any beverage to celebrate the national holiday.

“People don’t necessarily want their coffee just plain any more like a cup of coffee, although we have that too. We always have a light roast, a dark roast, and a flavored coffee every day.”

A handful of pumpkin is currently filling the store, with a specialty blended pumpkin chi, and white pumpkin mocha.

“From what I hear, the history of coffee is long and rich, so that’s how we want to do it here in West Duluth. Celebrate a long rich history with Grand World Coffee,” Towne said.

The shop also offers a variety of sandwiches, soups, and 16 different flavors of hand scooped ice cream.

Grand World Coffee is open Monday through Friday, located at 4918 Grand Avenue in Duluth.