Community Members Learn About Child Abuse Prevention

September Campaign Wraps Up With a Celebration

The First Witness Child Advocacy Center wrapped up their September I stand with Kids campaign, with a big celebration.

First child Witness Child Advocacy Center invited community members for a day full of activities that aimed to educate children, about abuse prevention, to mark the end of their successful campaign

First Witness goes to schools to educate children, students, and teachers about child abuse prevention. Community members and businesses donated money during the campaign held in September to help cover the costs of the education program.

“What kids really need to hear is that they get to be in charge of their own bodies. They get to decide what’s ok and what’s not ok,” said Lindsay Sauer, a Volunteer with the Child Advocacy Center.

Those who donated had their names or the names of their businesses placed on a wood figurines called blue kids. The blue kids were on display at Harrison Park where the celebration was held.

“We have some messages about some safe touches that we teach to kids, so we’re doing some of those activities with them,” said Beth Olson, the Executive Director of the Advocacy Center.

The event included food, educational games, and activities.

The First Witness Child Advocacy center is a non-profit organization.