Hartley Park Clean Up Continues as Seasons Change

More Than 1000 Trees Fell in the Mid-Summer Storm

Around 1,000 trees fell on the trails of Hartley Park, after the mid-summer storm that caused Hartley to close in July.

Though some of the programs are back and running, the park and trails are still closed.

Workers and volunteers have spent countless hours clearing almost 400 trees off the trail, so the public can come and enjoy them again.

“Although we miss it we understand that it’ll take a little time to be ready for the public use again,” said Sally Goodman, a visitor of the park.

A number of the trails have already been cleared, but more work needs to be put in before all the trails can be opened.

“The superior hiking trail is clear, the multi-use trail is clear,” said Tom O’Rourke, the Executive Director of the Hartley Nature Center. “Right now there’s a crew working to clear the ski trails hopefully in time before the snow falls.”

So people are crossing their fingers for the park’s quick recovery nn hopes of spending a few autumn evenings taking walks, and when the snow falls, for a chance to get their skis out on Hartley’s trails.

“Getting outside for adventures is a really big part of our family, we think it helps us stay healthy and happy,” said Goodman.

“I’m assuming because this crew started at Hartley and they’re going to work their way to Lester that we’ll get done in Hartley, well in time for the ski season,” said O’Rourke.