Local Reaction to Duluth Shooting

Residents' reaction to the shooting that took place Sunday night on Skyline Parkway

The shooting in Duluth has some local residents worried about their safety. FOX 21’s Andrew Kirov got some reactions from local homeowners.

Duluth residents have some concern after last night’s shooting. In the Merchant Park neighborhood, near where the shooting took place, homeowners say they have noticed an increase in crime and suspicious behavior.

One homeowner, Lloyd Nelson, has lived in his house for 41 years. He recently discovered two bullet holes in one of his windows and witnessed what he thought was a drug deal. Those and the shooting are crimes he never thought he’d see in his own neighborhood.

“I didn’t think it would ever happen. Took many years before it did happen,” says Lloyd Nelson.

He said he wasn’t shocked by the shooting because it fits with a pattern he’s seen in his neighborhood and elsewhere, saying “Things have changed too much for the worse. The respect for people is gone in many areas. It’s really discouraging.”

Lloyd believes law enforcement will do their best to prevent these crimes and thinks the world has more good people than bad. But that doesn’t prevent Lloyd or other locals from being concerned about last night’s shooting.