Bernie Sanders Encourages Supporters To Vote For Hillary Clinton

Sanders Speaks At UMD In Support Of Clinton

For the second time this year Bernie sanders is in Duluth.

This time around it’s for a very different reason, he’s now supporting his former competition Hillary Clinton.

He’s trying to get his fans, to vote Clinton in November. It won’t be an easy feat as many supporters are having a hard time making the switch, but he told FOX 21, he’s hoping events like the one at UMD will make the decision clear.

Before Bernie Sanders even took the stage at UMD’s Kirby Student Center, hundreds of excited students many self-proclaimed Bernie supporters rushed in for a place near the stage. Some waited in line Tuesday 5 hours before he even was set to speak.

It’s clear Sanders has a lot of support at UMD, but he’s trying to transfer that energy to Clinton’s campaign, he told FOX 21’s Nikki Davidson in a one-on-one interview Tuesday he’s got one goal in Minnesota.

“I’m here working as hard as I can to see that Mr. Trump is not elected, and to see Hillary Clinton is,” said Sanders. “Minnesota is an important part of that.”

Some students say they were Bernie supporters but are ready to vote for Clinton, while others are still not convinced. Some even wonder if Sanders could still defeat Trump himself if he were brought back into the race. FOX 21 asked Sanders if he would run again if for some reason Clinton dropped out of the race.

“That’s not going to happen Hillary Clinton is the candidate, we won here in Minnesota but in many states we did not,” said Sanders. “She’s the candidate, I believe it’s important she gets elected.”

Sanders told the crowd Tuesday he worked with Clinton on a plan to give free college at public institutions to students in families making less than $125,000 a year, and he backs many of her other policies.