Meeting Held to Discuss Referendum in Superior

The Referendum Will be on the Ballot in November

Community members turned out for a lunch meeting to learn about a referendum that could bring more money and tourism to Superior.

Better City Superior is proposing to build a 100 to 120 million dollar development in downtown Superior that would include a 150 room hotel, convention center, and an indoor water park.

BCS held a lunch meeting to explain the initiative to help Superior residents make an informed decision when they vote on the referendum in November. Better City Superior representatives believe the proposed development could help revitalize the city, and help boost the economy.

“We want the citizens to say yes, that we would like to explore changing that legislation to benefit superior, and then if that’s successful we will have to get the legislation to actually change it,” said Bruce Thompson, the President of Better City Superior.

The meeting outlined the proposed development, its location, and the process that BCS is going through to get support.

Better City Superior representatives tell us the referendum wouldn’t affect property taxes of the residents of superior, but would impose a one half of one percent prepared food and beverage tax. This means it’ll cost an extra nickel for every 10 dollars you spend on dining out.