Duluth Daredevils Thank Sponsors

Daredevils Robotics Team met at AAR to thank their sponsors for their support.

High school students in robotics said their competitions not only let them build robots, but also character and work ethic for the future.

The Duluth East Daredevils thanked all of their sponsors at a banquet at AAR.

The sponsors allow the team to visit two regional events and the championships in St. Louis.

“Honestly we wouldn’t be able to do this whole thing without our sponsors,” said Cameron Anderson of the Daredevils.

“The best part about doing robotics is how much you learn to appreciate science and what’s in the world and appreciate the job skills you learn by being in robotics,” said Cassandra Pennings, media member for the Daredevils.

The robotics team demonstrated their skills and what they’re working on for the FIRST Robotics competition.