Duluth Police Address the Growing Drug Problem in Skyline Parkway

There Will be more Signage and Patrol Cars in Skyline Parkway

A shooting last Sunday night at Duluth’s Skyline Parkway Wall is putting renewed focus on keeping that area safe.

The shooting left one person with non-life threatening injuries and now, the big goal for the future, is trying to prevent similar crimes from happening in this popular area.

Recently, more and more drug and violent activities have been going on at a place commonly called the wall.

The Duluth Police Department is taking steps to increase safety in the Skyline parkway area by first, asking community members to help.

Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken said, “Our strength is the eyes and ears of our citizens. If things make them uncomfortable, give us a call. We will gladly come check it out.”

More patrol cars are also now being assigned to the area, and many of these cars will be undercover. More signage enforcing curfew is also being planned.

The new signs will make it clear a 10 p.m. curfew will be enforced at the wall.

As far as Sunday’s shooting, it remains under investigation but for now, we know it was not random and that multiple people were involved.

Police want the wall to become what it was meant to be, a safe place to admire the beautiful Duluth views.

Tusken said, “If you want to do illegal activity this is not the place to do it.”