Take Back the Night Works to Bring an End to Power Based Violence

Hundreds walked around UMD and the community to rally against domestic violence and assault.

Hundreds met at UMD to raise a voice united in ending sexual violence and creating a change in the culture.

The group gathered for Take Back the Night, a rally that takes a stand against power based violence.

“They really make an impact on anyone that can attend and hear about it as well,” said committee member Kristi Beaver.

While this event circled campus, its message extended far throughout the community and the country.

“We all play a part in the solution. It just isn’t one simple fix all. It’s about having these teachable moments these different places to have dialogue with people,” said Beaver.

They shared stories of survivors full of intensity and raw emotion.

In their walk throughout the community, the group didn’t just take back tonight but every night.

Take Back the Night brought together members of both UMD and the College of St. Scholastica.

Many support groups were also on hand to make everyone aware that there is help out there.