Northlanders Concerned About Hurricane Matthew

Northlanders With Homes in Florida are Keeping their Eyes on the Weather

The storm in Florida is affecting those on the east coast, but it’s also a concern for some Northlanders who have homes in the sunshine state.

The Heavy rainfall and High winds continue to batter Florida, and some Northlanders who own homes on the east coast say their eyes have been glued to weather updates

Lynn Levine, a hairdresser in Duluth, has a home in Fort Lauderdale that she travels back and forth from every two weeks. Fortunately, Levine had boarded up her windows, and had prepared her home for a hurricane before leaving Florida.

“I kept looking at the weather channel and what wind was going to be in a few hours,” said Levine. “It’s just what it is, and you’ll just have to worry about it then.”

She had her friend in Florida check on her house, and received the great news, that her home is just fine.