Range Hybrid Treatment Court Celebrates Ten Years

The court helps addicts and abusers get their lives back on track.

The Range Hybrid Drug Treatment Court creates accountability for its participants. Many credit it for saving their lives.

“I don’t hide anything if somebody asks me about my past, I put it all out there,” said Jennifer Rich, a graduate of the program.

She’s not proud of her past, but is ready for a new future to begin. She said without the help of drug court she would have died.

Rich even goes as far as saying that the day she was arrested was on of the best things to happen to her.

“Not everyday is great, but I deal with it. I accept it,” said Rich.

Over the last ten years, the Hybrid Drug Treatment Court has helped over 275 people and 185 of them have maintained sobriety for over a year.

Bill Foster also credits the program for keeping him clean.

“It’s the timeout I really needed to have when I really needed one,” said Foster.

The three phase program makes participants submit drug tests, appear in court regularly, and complete the terms of their probation.

Treatment courts have proven to be more successful and more cost effective than jail and have brought a new life to Rich and Foster.

“If they’re not ready for it, it’s not going to happen, but if they’re ready for it, there’s so much support out there. Do it it’s attainable,” said Rich.

“I guess to me that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be was content,” said Foster.

Both Rich and Foster have jobs thanks to the treatment court and credit it for getting them back on the right track.

The treatment court is in the Virginia courthouse and also serves Hibbing.