1947 Duluth Denfeld Boys Basketball Championship Team Honored

The entire team has been inducted into Denfeld's Hall of Fame.

The 1947 team won Denfeld’s only championship in boys basketball and the entire team will be inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame.

Four of the remaining members of the team met at the high school as part of Denfeld’s homecoming ceremonies.

They said the 1947 team was a group committed to each other and not individual statistics.

For the Hunters, the night of the championship will always remain one of the best memories of their lives.

“The packed Williams Arena, 15,000 people walking out on that floor and looking up and seeing all those people everybody screaming and hollering, it was an exciting time,” said Ken Sunnarborg who was a guard on the team.

All the players praised their former coach Lloyd Holm for instilling discipline in them and giving them an example to follow.

The players said they’ve also all stayed in contact with each other over the years to share stories and memories.

They will be honored at the hall of fame ceremony on Saturday, October 8th.