Flu Season is Right Around the Corner

Local Doctors Say Flu Season Runs From September Through March

Throughout the months of September through March, it can often feel like we’re walking on pins and needles when it comes to your health.

However, it can all be prevented with just one tiny prick this time of year.

Local medical experts are encouraging the public to come in and receive the flu vaccine right now.

Doctors say flu season starts to spring up around september, running all the way through March.

St. Luke’s Infectious Disease Physician Sara Lund said, “Everyone is recommended above six months of age to get the flu shot and this year for pediatrics that they get the injectable form of the vaccine.”

Lund says it takes up to two weeks for the vaccine to take full effect.

Doctors say the vaccine doesn’t protect against all strains of influenza, but does help cut down on the lifespan and severity of the sickness.

“Not only are you improving your health, but you’re also taking responsibility for community health as well which is very important,” Lund said.

Lund also cleared up a common myth about getting the flu shot, reassuring the public that you cannot get influenza just from receiving the vaccine.