Northern Minn. Red Cross Sends Volunteers for Hurricane Relief

Red Cross Has Thousands of Volunteers in the Relief Effort

Hurricane Matthew is one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the United States in years.

The deadly storm has ravaged the Caribbean, and continues to affect communities from Florida to the Carolinas.

The Northern Minnesota Chapter of the American Red Cross has already sent one volunteer to help in South Carolina.

Their Emergency Response Vehicle is now en route with more volunteers to a staging area in Atlanta.

“It’s just like a single family fire, but unfortunately on a three, four, five state area,” said Disaster Program Manager Tony Guerra. “I think we have like 2,000 volunteers either down there or en route there right now. And they’ll be there until the job is done.”

Those at the Red Cross say they’re always looking for volunteers.

There’s a short training program, but those wanting to help can call or visit the chapter on Maple Grove Road in Duluth.