Piedmont Elementary looks in to safe ways to get students to school

Safe Routes to School helps in the effort

A number of schools in Duluth has moved forward with an initiative to make riding a bike or walking to school safer for children all in an effort to promote exercise.

Safe routes to school… Hopes to ease the concern parents have when their little ones walk the door and head to school.

 The number of children who are obese or over–weight has skyrocketed in the last decade in the U.S. One reason is the lack of physical activity.

The good news is that schools across our area, including Myers Wilkens, Laura McAurther and Piedmont elementary are doing something about it by adding more activity.

“The ultimate goal is we look at the comprehensive school physical activity program and it includes physical education as well as opportunities during the school day in the classroom recess and the also before and after school.” says Josh Gorham of St. Louis County Public Health

The problem often faced is always the location of the school and the surroundings that make it difficult to create a safe environment for kids to get to and from to school.

“The beauty of safe cross to school program is its multi system program, it can work with the school system, public health system and the city system to look at the broad effort, do we have the physical infrastructure to get to this school,’ says Gorham

Parents and students that attended the meeting were able to discuss current issues that face their school and determine the next steps.