School Basement Gun Range Under Scrutiny

Shooting Range In Basement Of Elementary School

For over half a century the Hibbing Rifle and Pistol Club has called the basement gun range at Lincoln Elementary their home but with increased concerns about moving guns in and out of schools, the club may soon see their use of the range come to an end.

The issue began when the Hibbing school board received a complaint about the transporting of firearms in and out of the elementary school after school hours.

Hibbing School Board Director Kathy Nyberg says, “That’s the issue, is that people are in there and students can be in there at games and the public is in there watching the games, and there have been a couple of instances where someone was seen walking into the school to go to the gun range carrying a gun.”

Leading to the discussion about the continued practice of opening the range to the club during weekday evenings.

Hibbing Rifle and Pistol Secretary Treasure Dan Rebrovich says, “It’s been a very positive thing for the whole community and i don’t know of any negative things, so that’s what’s hard, we’re trying to defend something that’s been very very positive.”

The club is visited by about 40 regular users and the club assumes all costs of the ranges use.

Nyberg explains, “But now in today’s age, with the school shootings going on all across the country and guns and schools just don’t go together anymore.”

Rebrovich says, “If by chance the school board does shut down the rifle range it will make the school not one bit safer.”

The Hibbing School Board has created a committee to search for solutions to the issue with a vote expected to be soon on the horizon.

Nyberg says, “I think that is the ultimate priority is to make sure students and the public and people that visit our school, the Lincoln school, feel safe.”

Rebrovich comments, “It’s been good for everybody and why fix something that is not broken or why look for a problem that isn’t there”

Nyberg continues, “I’d like to resolve this to the satisfaction of the gun club and the schools, and i would hope we could find some way to resolve it, but I’m not sure, I’m not optimistic.”