Clover Valley School Will be Torn Down

St. Louis County leaders approved plans to demolish the old building

St. Louis county leaders recently approved plans to demolish the Clover Valley school.

The goal is to get rid of what has become a real eyesore as the years have passed. It’s part of the county’s ongoing effort to remove old buildings where taxes have been unpaid for years.

The long empty school had become a popular target for vandals on its 25 acre property and since the building’s condition has really deteriorated over time, the choice was made to take it down.

Brook Benes, the General Super Intendent, said “Lots of cops and ambulances have been coming by. They wanted to get rid of it because it was a hazard and just to get it done.”

The county has designated $800,000 for building demolition this year, and the school is one of 34 structures approved for demolition by the county board.

Michael Torgerson graduated long ago from Clover Valley school. He remembers exactly which school room he was standing in when he heard President Kennedy had been shot.

Although he is sad to see the building come down he thinks it’s for the better.

Torgerson said, “It is good to see it come down. It’s sad but it needed to be done.”

The building should be completely torn down by the end of this week.