Superior Manufacturers Revealed

WITC Hosts local businesses

The Superior–Douglas county Chamber of Commerce and WITC–Superior partnered up this afternoon to showcase the modern face of manufacturing in northwest Wisconsin.

The night consisted of a ribbon cutting ceremony for WITC, which unveiled their newly remolded campus. With a lot of manufacturing jobs available in the area, students chose WITC for a reason.

“It’s important for me to be at WITC because every welder I’ve talked to says that this is by far the best welding program in the mid–west.” says Jim Leblanc who attends WITC.

Dozens of businesses were on campus to showcase what they offered for the community of superior. A lot of the community drives by charter NEX films and assumes they are a movie making company when in reality they make plastic film protecting a lot of products you eat ever day

“We work with food and beverage packaging, so we do like stand up pouches for like cake mixes, cookie batter that kind of thing we also work with pet foods for pet treats and pet foods.” says Kelly Schqstak who works as HR at NEX Films.

The manufacturing industry employee’s 472 thousand jobs in Wisconsin and millions of jobs that exist due to manufacturing.