Trees Replanted in Hartley Park

A $25,000 grant has helped replant 3,500 trees in Hartley Park.

Nearly 3,500 trees were replanted from a grant worth $25,000 at Hartley Park. The grant comes from America in Bloom and Canadian National.

High winds from a storm in July ripped through the park and destroyed thousands of trees.

“When I came through and saw the destruction,” said Bill Hahn, a landscape consultant with America in Bloom.

Planting more trees was always part of the plan.

“We were planning on planting regardless the storm just added a layer of urgency,” said Tom O’Rourke, executive director of the Hartley Nature Center.

Volunteers from Community Action Duluth and the Duluth Stream Corps. pulled out their green thumbs to plant nearly 3,500 trees.

While the new trees grow, the payoff will come when they turn a new leaf for future generations.

“I think the payback will be awhile because the trees that we’re planting were small relative to the ones that were lost. It’s an act of hope and an investment in the future,” said O’Rourke.

Duluth was one of ten America in Bloom projects across the country this year.

Hartley does plan to plant even more trees in the future.

The park is officially closed as trails are still being cleared of storm debris. However, many events are still being held at the Nature Center.