Former ICO Station to become Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip has bought a former ICO location near Carlton and will build a store there.

Another Kwik Trip is coming to the Northland. The new store will be on the site of a former ICO gas station in Carlton County near I-35 and Black Bear Casino.

This will be the fifth Kwik Trip store in Carlton County and the largest.

County officials are excited about the store and have said that this development is not necessarily an economic boom, but one that will help the local economy.

County coordinator Dennis Genereau said that this Kwik Trip will also be a distribution center for semis of fresh bakery items that will be sorted out to other Kwik Trip locations in the Northland.

Officials are thrilled about the new jobs that will come into the community.

“This is a great corridor as far as economic development is concerned and you know it really helps to get some businesses in place that will attract other businesses. Kwik Trip affords us that opportunity,” said Genereau.

ICO executives out of Duluth declined to comment about the sale. Meanwhile there looks to be another ICO ready to be sold.

Nordic Auctions lists on their website that there will be a close-out auction at the former ICO location on the 4100 block of Haines Road in Duluth on October 26th from 4-8 p.m.

There has been no official word as to what could be taking over the Hermantown location.