Night At The Musuem

Glensheen Opens Their Doors To The Public

It was a big night for the Glensheen mansion as thousands turned out to for the first ever night at the museum

Glensheen opened its doors to the community to enjoy Glensheen for free.

The goal for tonight’s event was to show off the 6 million dollars in renovations, which included 15 new spaces.

Glensheen staff tells us they were ecstatic by the turn out

“This is exactly what we wanted, we wanted people to enjoy it, it’s quite the experience as you can tell there’s a buzz here on the estate it’s a great night and we are very happy,” says Jane Pederson, Marketing Manger of Glensheen.

If you missed tonight’s event you can still tour the estate daily, or you could go there on Wednesday’s for whiskey Wednesday for the remainder of October.