North Shore Community School Plants Trees for New Orchard

The first and sixth grade classes planted three apple trees to start a new orchard.

It’s been custom to give an apple to a teacher on the first day of school and students at North Shore Community School will be able to do that soon.

The first grade class along with their sixth grade reading buddies planted three apple trees at the school’s new orchard.

North Shore already has a greenhouse on-site and they’re excited to take learning outdoors.

“It’s really heartwarming. In kindergarten we talk a lot about filling buckets that everybody has a little bucket inside that you should always want to make people feel good by the things you do and the things you say and this really does that,” said Kindergarten teacher Lynda Markon.

The school hopes that by the time the first graders are in sixth grade that they’ll be able to pick apples from the tree.