Meeting Held to Help Protect Lake Superior

The Meetings Have Been Going on for Almost Half a Century

The 47th Annual Save Lake Superior Association meeting was held in Superior. Northlanders concerned about the future of the lake turned out to learn what they could do to help protect it.

The Save Lake Superior Association was formed in 1969, and is the oldest citizen group exclusively dedicated to protecting Lake Superior.

Each year the Association holds a meeting to discuss some of the issues that threaten the greatest of the great lakes. Topics this year included invasive species, mining pollutants, and legacy pollutants, or chemicals that stay in the environment long after they are introduced. 

“If you’re up to it and you’re concerned about the environment, you’re concerned about your children you’re concerned about the food and the water and the air you breathe, get involved,” said LeRoger Lind, the President of Save Lake Superior Association.

Save Lake Superior Association representatives encourage people to learn more about the lake and how to protect it, by reaching out to environmental organizations.

If you’re interested in helping protect the lake, visit