UMD Homecoming Parade

A parade marched through the University of Minnesota-Duluth as part of Homecoming week

It’s Homecoming Week at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. Before today’s volleyball, football and hockey games, students and community members came out to watch the UMD homecoming parade.

The parade marched through the UMD campus from Lot B to Malosky Stadium with spectators lining the street. The UMD marching band and dance team performed, in addition to appearances by various campus and community organizations.

UMD student David Bergren says, “It’s great in the Homecoming Week festivities, just to have the whole school be involved and all the events going on during the week as well. But it’s just a great way for everyone to get involved in being a Bulldog.”

This is the first year the Homecoming parade has been held on the UMD campus. It was previously held in Downtown Duluth.