Nikki’s Notebook: Lights On For After School

Event Scheduled For Thursday Night

Keeping the lights on, and the doors open after school is a practice a group in Duluth hopes to expand.

A report on after school activities for Minnesota children shows that there’s bigger demand for after school programming then what most schools can currently offer.

The Duluth YMCA has teamed up with Duluth Public Schools, Duluth Edison Charter Schools, the Myers-Wilkins Community School Collaborative, Marshall School, True North AmeriCrops and The YWCA of Duluth to offer programing throughout the area.

“We really try to reach the kids who need support, care and try to identify students to bring into the after school program,” said Mikayla Karels.

The programs give students the opportunity to study, advance academically and enhance their social skills.

This week, the Duluth YMCA is holding a ‘Lights On After School’ event to draw attention for the need for funding for more programs and scholarships that will give any student access to programs like these , find more information here.