Bluestone Apartments Possibly Expanding in the Future

Community Meeting Held to Discuss Future Bluestone Apartment Complex

Bluestone apartments is looking to, yet again, expand in Duluth. 

With increased demand to live in the modern–styled Bluestone apartments the developer believes the market can handle another complex in the Woodland neighborhood.

Bluestone officials tell FOX21 that the new complex is just an idea at this point but last night Bluestone developer, Mark Lambert, held a public meeting to ask nearby neighbors their thoughts on a possible new building.

Bob Ryan, a longtime Duluth resident, said “These are our homes so certainly people feel very sensitive of what may happen in their neighborhood.”

Bluestone officials say they’re seeing a ripple effect of competing development popping up on London road and Kenwood avenue.

Al Parrent, the Assistant Property Manager, said “This new building will be much like the Flats. It’ll be a nice upscale unit. We do see other people in the area following in our footsteps.”

If all goes well, Bluestone plans to open its third complex in Duluth as early as 2018.