Hermantown Hopes To Open Wellness Center

Votes needed to approve sales tax for funding

The city of Hermantown has a big decision this November, whether or not to vote for the city to acquire the use of the current sales tax for a big city project.

Hermantown Mayor Wayne Boucher is hoping citizens flood the polls and cast their vote for a sales tax referendum that would help pay for a new health and wellness center. In reality it’s an effort to keep money in Hermantown’s citizen’s pockets.

Currently the city’s sales tax in place can only be used to pay for the police and fire facility, the administrative services facility, sewer trunk lines and water system improvements. The new wellness center would be added to that list without raising taxes for the people of Hermantown.

“The importance is it allows the city to contribute to the wellness center without raising property taxes, it also pays for it out of sales tax which is a regional tax,” says Boucher.

Mayor Boucher says the Wellness Center is important to the local economy and for the health of the city’s citizens

As the city ranks low for health care providence compared to other cities in Minnesota.

The construction would take place at the former middle school

The project is set to cost 17 million dollars, 2 million from Essentia Health for naming rights.3 million from fundraising. 4.5 million from the city of Hermantown and St. Louis County and the last 8 million would come from special revenues better known as the referendum your voting on to avoid a property tax increase.