Local Students Address Bullying in Schools

Students Pledge to End Bullying in Their School

One of every four school aged children will be bullied this year. That is upwards of 13 million students.

Today, faculty and students at North Star and Raleigh Academies came together to celebrate Unity Day and to talk about bullying prevention.

The students here typically wear uniforms but today, they were asked to wear orange.

Orange shirts and signs filled the hallways as an effort to prevent bullying at the school.

Teachers say that it is important for students to learn about bullying at an early age so that they know how to respond.

Matt Petersen, the Elementary Academy Director, said “At an early age they learn these things and it carries through their career with us at our school and it sends a message across our entire student body.”

The school hopes days like this help students recognize bullying and take action.

Brody Goldsworthy, a third grader at North Star Academy, said “Someone was having a rough day and someone called him a name and I said its okay if someone calls you a name because I’ll be there to help you.”

Several other projects are planned for the week such as building a unity chain and taking a bully free pledge.