Petal It Forward Looks to Spread Happiness

Handed out 800 bouquets to people

While the dreary weather might be getting you down, Engwall’s Florists is looking to cheer you up.

Petal It Forward is an initiative looking to brighten people’s day by a simple gesture; flowers.

Engwall’s handed out 800 bouquets of flowers downtown. 400 people received 2 bouquets of flowers; one for themselves, and the other to be handed out to another person to spread happiness.

Rod Saline, president of Engwall’s Florists says, “This is the first year of a national event; they are about 250 florists in all 50 states that are doing this today. So we’ll see if we can create some floral buzz around the country.” 

Participants are also invited to share the buzz on social media using #petalitforward.