UMD to Layoff 38 Instructional Staff Members

The Layoffs Will Save UMD 2 Million Dollars

The layoffs will make a 2 million dollar cut to the budget deficit; an annual deficit that used to be more than 9 million dollars.

The School of Fine Arts, the College of Liberal Arts and the College of Education and Human Service Professions will be seeing the biggest impacts. Those schools were chosen because they had the highest decline in enrollment rates, or had more classes with low enrollments.

Every department in the education college will be affected, and students could see fewer course offerings for less popular classes, and fewer small classes.  But some students say cutting faculty members could affect something more.

 “Some faculty and staff could have a really positive influence on students around campus,” said James Bradley, a student at UMD. “And they could really look up to them and when that’s taken out, it might not be a great percentage of the students, but it could still impact that one or two students.”

The biggest reductions will be made at the College of Liberal arts where nine employees will be partially or fully laid off.

Program cuts had been mentioned as a possibility, but won’t be a part of the cost reduction this time around, and all programs at UMD will still be available for students.