2 Candidates Emerge For Superior Mayor

Two candidates have announced they will run to fill the position of mayor of Superior. This, after current Mayor Bruce Hagen resigned Tuesday.

Jim Paine, one of the candidates, is currently the vice chairman of the Douglas County Board and a Marine Corps veteran.

Two years ago, Paine finished second to Hagen in the race for mayor.

After being involved in local government for the last seven years, Paine tells FOX he felt compelled to bring his skills to the table and lead Superior into a strong 21st century.

“We need to make sure that we’re taking advantage of changing demographics, technology and population so that we can use the opportunities that we face –like our beautiful natural resources, our strong industry and our growing retail and commercial sector, and build an economy that works for every citizen in the city of Superior,” Paine said.

Jeff Monaghan is the second candidate to announce he is running for mayor of Superior.

Monaghan was born and raised in Superior and is a resident of the city.

He’s a member of the Douglas County Republican Party and says he’s built strong relationships many elected officials in Wisconsin.

Monaghan says he has a philosophy to contribute to the future success of Superior.

“Government isn’t going to solve everybody’s problems. In order to receive the blessings of liberty, our founding fathers set forth in our country, we need to open the door for that grace and opportunity to come to our community and that means that inspiration comes from our citizens and our business leaders,” Monaghan.

The election is April 4th.

Hagen will continue to serve as interim mayor until then.