Wisconsin Presidential Recount Begins Thursday

Douglas County election officials are making last-minute preparations

The first presidential recount in 16 years will begin tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. in Wisconsin.

The Douglas County clerk’s office has been working around the clock making final preparations for the recount, which will take place in room 270 of the Douglas County Government Center in Superior.

About 40 tabulators will work in shifts over the next week, hand counting nearly 22,600 ballots.

“There are three separate stations that they’ll be working at,” said Douglas County clerk, Sue Sandvick. “There’s a process we have to go through in regards to getting to a point of actually counting the ballots. We have to reconcile poll lists and reconcile the absentee ballots. Once that’s done the actual ballots can be counted.”

Counties are required by the state to report the total number of votes tabulated after each day until every ballot has been re-counted.

The public is allowed to sit in on the recount.