Great Outdoors: Sunshine On The Slopes

People Head To Spirit Mountain To Enjoy Warm Winter Weather

DULUTH, Minn- Just a few short days ago was not a good time to be outside.

Minnesota Duluth student and experienced skier Ben Merrill remembers, “It was freezing, I had 5 layers. We were taking 5 runs we’re like lets go sit in the chalet for a couple of hours and warm up.”

Skier Siera LaFave comments, “Like with a scarf and a hat.”

Her friend Kendra Weaver adds, “Multiple layers.”

With Tuesday’s temps in the 40s, it was a perfect day to hit the slopes.

Snowboarder and season pass holder Jake Carlson says, “This is definitely one of the nicest days of the year, the conditions were prime. The snow was soft. The park is really fun.”

Hunter Wesloh gestures to his friends, Jake Hanson and Justin Steifel, “I’m skis, he’s skis. He tried snowboarding it didn’t work out so well.”

Some for the first time.

Second year skier Oscar Thompson shares his favorite part of learning to ski, “So that you can go really fast and get to the bottom.”

Wesloh adds, “I don’t ski a lot but I consider myself very good. I’m pretty good at skiing.”

Patty Bugliosi hadn’t skied since the early 2000’s, “I was pregnant and they were skiing last year and I couldn’t so i decided if they like it I’m going to have to do it or i won’t be able to see them.”

Others for the 100th.

Merril says, “We were going to go out yesterday and we were like ah it’s going to be better tomorrow, and it was worth it.”

Carlson adds, “Definitely the nicest day of the year and hopefully a lot more to come.”

All enjoying a rare spell of perfect winter weather.

LaFave says, “It takes a bit to get used to it.”

Carlson adds,”We knew right away we were going to be here all day.”

With school out, and the holidays just around the corner the nice days of 2016 are quickly coming to an end.

Wesloh comments, “We’ve been separated for awhile because college. So it’s nice to see everyone again.”

Merrill adds, “Being just out of school it’s really nice to spend the day here when it’s not so busy.”

Leading many to make the most out of today.

Carlson says, “It’s a lot more fun when you can enjoy riding up the trail vs bundled up.”

Hoping for more warmth in the new year.

Merrill says, “It’s really nice to have some good weather it was cold there for awhile.”