Red Cross Assisting Families Displaced By Virginia Fire

United Way of Northeastern Minnesota is asking for the public's help to support those impacted

VIRGINIA, Minn. – Seven families in Virginia will be without a home this Christmas after a fire destroyed an apartment building Monday.

The Red Cross of Northern Minnesota has been working with the displaced families, providing services they may need during this difficult time.

On Monday, volunteers from Duluth drove to Virginia with food and clothing. They also arranged hotels for the families who didn’t have anywhere to go.

Today, those affected met with different local agencies, helping them get back on their feet.

“They’re all very grateful of what little we could do,” said Corey Buresh, a volunteer with the Red Cross in Duluth. “We can’t give them everything, but they were grateful for what we could do for them. Today really helped them.”

The United Way of Northeastern Minnesota is asking for the public’s help to support the victims of the fire.

They say gift cards to Target, Walmart, local restaurants around Virginia, and hotels are most helpful at this time.

Donations can be dropped off or sent to the United Way in Chisholm.