Duluth Sees Increase in Tourism Tax Dollars

Events like Tall Ships and more hotel rooms in the city helped bring more money into the area in 2016.

Once again, the city of Duluth saw an increase in their tourism tax dollars. Receipts from the hotel/motel tax are up over 10% for January through November of 2016. The food and beverage tax is up over 4%.

The city credits marquee events like Grandma’s marathon, the Tall Ships festival, and Hockey Day Minnesota for the big gains. They also noted that the city includes to add more hotel rooms and that development of the Pier B Resort also helped with the increase.

“Obviously tourism is an important part of our economy and it continues to grow. We keep investing in new facilities, new restaurants, more options for residents to go out to eat, so I think it’s an important barometer for our economy,” said chief financial officer Wayne Parson.

December’s numbers will come out in early February. The city said the exact amount is hard to predict, but said that they are excited because Bentleyville had a record year.