Northland College Working to Serve 80% Local Food

The First Phase to be Completed This Spring

ASHLAND, Wis.- Around 50 percent of Northland College in Ashland’s food supply is sourced locally.

But Northland College is working to have even more local food available, and plans to have its cafeteria serve 80 percent local food by 2020. The college launched what they call the Food Systems Center to help reach that goal.

“We have a lot of very talented farmers and others who want to start new farms and certainly grow their farms, so this seemed like a very important way to support the community,” said Michael Miller, President of the college.

The first phase of the food systems center, which is building a food processing and composting building, will be completed this spring.

The processing kitchen in the building will be used to prepare local produce for the winter, so that students can continue eating food grown right in the ground of Ashland and surrounding areas.

“This facility will allow us to bring up to 6 tons of local food product wherein we would preserve that with flash freezing and canning,” said Todd Rothe, the System Manager for the Hulings Rice Food Center.

Eating local isn’t just beneficial to the students, who will know exactly where their food is coming from, but also helps the economy by supporting local businesses and farmers, helping make Ashland a better place to live, learn, and work.