No Criminal Charges in Itasca County Assault Incident

ITASCA COUNTY, Minn. – An altercation between two men in Goodland, Minnesota, has recently become a talking point on social media. Law enforcement has released their findings in the investigation of this incident, and believes it provides considerable information, which was not available in discussions on social media.

An altercation between 82-year-old Mark David Mehle, of Goodland, and Ed Allen Spawn, 52, also of Goodland, was called to the attention of the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office by Spawn, according to Itasca County Attorney John J. Muhar.

A deputy promptly responded to Spawn’s residents and conducted an interview about the incident.

Mark Mehle, Facebook

According to court documents, the deputy learned that Mehle had also contacted Itasca County Dispatch to report the same incident from the Hibbing Hospital.

A case was submitted on April 19, to the Itasca County Attorney’s Office for review, after an interview was conducted with Mehle.

After review of the evidence, the County Attorney’s Office concluded that Mehle was the initial and primary aggressor through the altercation. According to a press release by Attorney Muhar, it was only after Spawn struck Mehle in the face in an attempt to defend himself, did Mehle cease his physical aggression toward Spawn.

As a result, the County Attorney’s Office concluded that Spawn did not act with intent to assault, only in an effort to defend himself against Mehle.

Criminal charges will not be filed against either party in connection with this incident, after claims of self-defense have been deemed viable. The decision made by the County Attorney’s Office has been supported by the Itasca County Sheriff’s Office.