Historic Canal Park Lighthouse Covered In Graffiti

Army Crorp Plans To Repaint The Lighthouse Tuesday

DULUTH, Minn. – The beacon of all lighthouses in Canal Park has been heavily defaced with loads of graffiti.

This comes just as tourism season is beginning in the city of Duluth.

The layers of black spray paint and marker could be found Monday all over the historic South Pier, which has the red roof and is down the pier from the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Just last year, the South Pier and North Pier were listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The vandalized pier, which has been full of graffiti for weeks, was built in 1900, so the sight of graffiti on it is disheartening to the workers at the nearby Lake Superior Maritime Museum and Visitor Center.

“It makes it look bad for our visitors who come here from other states and other countries. It just sets a bad precedent for other people, too, who come down here,” said Sara Summers-Luedtke, a park ranger at the Lake Superior Maritime Museum and Visitor Center.

FOX 21 called the Army Corp of Engineers and the Duluth Coast Guard about the graffiti.  While it wasn’t clear which government entity was responsible for keeping the lighthouse free of graffiti, we were told by an official at the Army Corp that the lighthouse will be repainted sometime Tuesday.