ATV Riders Can Explore Minnesota Trails for Free June 2-4

Free access to over 3,000 miles of state trails

ATVs on Spider Lake Trail

MINNESOTA – Minnesotans with an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) registered for private or agricultural use won’t need to pay the additional registration fee ($53.50 for three years) to ride the state’s public ATV trails June 2-4, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

Out-of-state riders can explore the ATV trails, as well without the need for a nonresident trail pass ($21 annually).

This is the fourth year that the state is providing ATV riders with free access to more than 3,000 miles of trails during “No Registration Weekend.”

“We see this weekend as a great opportunity to showcase the wide variety of state and grant-in-aid trails across Minnesota,” stated Mary Straka, off-highway vehicle program consultant. “There are a large number of privately registered ATVs across the state, and we encourage them to explore the public trails for free June 2-4.”

The DNR advises riders to keep safety in mind when out on the trails. In particular:

  • Safety training is required for ATV riders born after July 1, 1987, and it is recommended for everyone that operates an ATV
  • Kids under 18 must wear a DOT-certified helmet
  • Kids 16 and under must fit the ATV they are operating and be able to properly reach and control handlebars and reach the foot pegs while sitting upright
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