Click It or Ticket Campaign Launching May 22nd

Law Enforcement Is Asking People to Wear Seatbelts


DULUTH, Minn.- Law Enforcement officers are warning people, click it or you’ll get a ticket.

The national Click it or Ticket campaign is launching May 22nd.  Officers from Hundreds of law enforcement agencies in Minnesota and Wisconsin are working overtime during the campaign to remind motorists that wearing a seat belt is not only the law, but can also save your life.

“I’ve seen many crashes, one car vehicle roll over classes where people who had not been wearing their seat belts had been ejected from their vehicles, and I’ve seen them where, if they had their seat belt on, they would have survived,” said Neil Dickenson, Public Information Officer for the Minnesota State Patrol.

And though 93 percent of motorists buckle up in Minnesota, law enforcers say their goal is to make that number 100, and even people driving slowly or short distances need to buckle up.

“About 40 percent of the fatal crashes that occur in the state happened in rural Minnesota,” said Holly Kostrzwski, the North East Minnesota Towards Zero Death Regional Coordinator.

In 2016, 79 motorists who were not wearing seat belts lost their lives on Minnesota roads.

The Click it or Ticket campaign goes until June 4th.