The Duluth Experience Offers Bus Tour Highlighting Historic Areas in the City

The Bus Tour Goes to Places Like Glensheen and the Depot

DULUTH, Minn.- The Duluth Experience is offering a city tour highlighting the history of the city.

One study done last year shows that the second biggest reason tourists visit the city of Duluth is for its historic charm. So the Duluth experience is offering a bus tour that takes people to see historic areas of Duluth like the Glensheen mansion, and the Depot.

“Frankly things like Glensheen there’s nothing like this in the state of Minnesota. So when they come up here this is a big draw for the community for nearly 40 years and it’s helped anchor that historic charm in our community,” said Dan Hartmen, the Director of Glensheen.

The Duluth experience also offers a wide range of other tours, including an arts and culture walking tour.