Sunday Liquor Sales Start in Minnesota — Except City of Duluth

RICE LAKE, Minn.- It was a sight seen for the first time — customers walking in and out of the Sunset Bottle Shoppe in the city of Rice Lake.

“I think a lot of them are coming in because they can come in on Sunday,” said Kathy Strand, the Operations Consultant of Sunset Bottle Shoppe.

The bottle shop is on the way to destinations like island lake, and previously, customers had to plan their beer runs around the Sunday liquor law.

“A lot of people like to go out and go fishing on a Sunday, or maybe just go out to their cabins on a Sunday and have a barbecue, especially on a gorgeous day like today,” said Strand.  “So I think it’s a nice convenient spot for them to swing in and pick up maybe that bottle of wine or that 12 pack of beer that’s just going to add to that Sunday BBQ.”

But now, people are able to pick up their liquor on any day of the week, and with 4th of July just around the corner, it’s a major convenience for a lot of people.

“Very convenient on a Sunday to be able to stop at the Sunset to be able to pick up a bottle for the holiday or just for enjoying on such a beautiful day,” said Amy Sieben, a customer at the bottle shop.

Many liquor stores have opted not to open on Sundays, even with the new laws, but some representatives from Liquor Stores like the Sunset Bar who are open say they’re excited to be able to better serve the community.

“I think they’re excited about the opportunity and convenience of having Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota,” said Strand, about the customers.

Sunday liquor sales in the city of Duluth begin July 16.  The delay stems from a city council vote that was needed to accept the state legislation but was not noticed in time to meet the first Sunday of July.